Marketing innovative products

Innovative B2B companies are facing a critical challenge of bringing new products into the markets. New products, even if they are only somewhat disrupting their market, should be marketed differently than a mature product

YCG has a unique know-how and expertise in high tech marketing and offer the following services:

Developing marketing plans

Predicting sales forecasts

Identifying niches for early penetration and go to market strategies

Pricing and business models development and validation

Competition analysis and positioning

Market research and competitors, and predicting growth rate

One of the key challenges in the development and marketing of innovative products is the market research and competition. Innovative products alter the market behaviors of the marketplace it enters. Therefore, identifying the needs and desires of potential adopters is not carried out in the conventional research method. True understanding and mapping of the structure of the competition and the industry value chain will enable the putting together of a suitable penetration strategy and enable the foundation of fitting partnerships. Growth rate and forecasting of sales of innovative products is critical to the success of the venture’s business plan. YCG has unique knowledge in these areas based on the advanced modeling and great research experience. On this basis, we provide: market research, identification of competitors and partners, validation of business models, forecasting growth rate, examination of alternatives for differentiation and pricing. These services are offered to ventures and investors who are examining investment projects or putting together business plans.

Social Media Marketing

YCG has developed a unique methodology for managing social media marketing campaigns, which are an enhanced version of the regular campaigns on Facebook. Our system maps out the client’s social media and identifies places (blogs, groups on Linkedin etc.) relevant to his market. Based on dynamic mapping, we give the marketer tools that promote his work in terms of awareness, strengthening ties with key players and potential customer, competitors’ analysis and lead generation. The services we outsource include the preparation of a work plan and implementation.  We appoint a social media project manager, on a daily basis ranging from one to five days a week, who takes responsibility and is hands on. His work includes monitoring calls, reaction and response management, initiating conversations, distribution of content, establishing groups on Linkedin, adding friends, contacting opinion leaders in the field and more. Among our clients: RAD, Intellinx, Xtricom, Whitewater and more.