Our services address two main target audiences: Service organizations and Hi-Tech companies

YCG has accumulated particular experience in the following areas:

Financial Services

Leumi card, Bituach yashir, Menorah, Capital market commissioner

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Governmental Services

Prime minister’s office, Service experience improvement unit, Ministry of finance, E-Government, Enforcement and collection authority


International Hi-Tech companies

Nice systems, Rad, Intellinx, Extricom, Whitewater security


Logistic and territory based services

Avis, Eden springs, Changi Airport Singapor

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Special projects – Examples


Proactive customer service experience based on a combination of measurement and an intentional excellence with an emphasis on ease of reference solution led to the use of continuous measurement created a unique customer experience with emphasis on problem solving and reducing the amount of effort on the part the client.

Organizations try but have a hard time translating their relationships with customers in order to increase revenues from existing customers. Sales efforts often come at the expense of excellence in service. LeumiCard recognized this opportunity and have taken an innovative approach that enhances the customer experience as a way to make proactive service. YCG accompanied all measurement and solution-focused effort prevention and commitment of representatives to customer’s needs. This way the representatives can identify additional needs and appropriate solutions and offer them to the customer. By relying on and making sure not to damage the customer experience but to empower it a rapid growth in sales performed by service centers occurred.

Measurement of Government Services

As part of the appointment of Minister Michael Eitan a cross-units government strategy was formulated to bring continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to customers of a variety of government ministries. Cornerstone of the reform included continuous measurement and building a unified and comprehensive measures allowing transparency, harnessing of office managers and staff of government agencies and the creation of benchmark between units of government service. (


Measuring the voice of the customer. Accompanying the introduction of a new concept that allows NICE to be considered not only as global product leader but also provide an excellent service provider. The composition of projects, upgrades, training at the core of Nice activities and the combination of survey emails along with telephone surveying to customers worldwide. A continuous process which led to changes in processes.